Name. Image. Likeness.


Tupper’s Kennel was formed to empower Bryant University student-athletes to earn experience, develop philanthropy and become strong role models and ambassadors for thousands of Bryant alumni and fans who look up to both on-and-off the field and court. The supporters of Tupper’s Kennel believe that Bryant student-athletes are destined to do amazing things, and are committed to working tirelessly to ensure that every current and future Bulldog has the opportunity to leverage the power of their name, image and likeness to build a better future for themselves and their communities.


Fans of Bryant University now have the opportunity to support student-athletes directly by becoming a member of Tupper’s Kennel Each membership level offers exclusive benefits, and contributions can be designated by specific sport, with funds being allocated among participating team members.


Between 85 – 90%. Tupper’s Kennel keeps its overhead costs as low as possible, but must cover expenses related to IT, legal, marketing materials, content creation, student-athlete education, fan engagement experiences, and bookkeeping. 

Yes, anyone who is a member of Tupper’s Kennel can denote what sport and their respective student-athletes contributions will be earmarked for. Supporters can also contact us directly to set up activations with their favorite student-athlete(s).

Individuals and businesses interested in giving larger contributions can do so via the “one-time contribution link” on the membership page, or can contact us directly at to discuss further. Contributions can be specified for specific sports, programs and activations.

No, contracts vary based on the specific athlete and the requirements of the contributor and/or activation. Each deal is individually negotiated and agreed upon by the student-athletes. That being said, Tupper’s Kennel seeks to provide equal opportunities for both male and female student-athletes.
No, contracts are not exclusive. We want all Tupper’s Kennel student-athletes to thrive under NIL and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.

Tupper’s Kennel offers Bryant student-athletes near limitless opportunities to engage in NIL activations, including: autograph signings, social media promotions, camps and clinics, charity events, special appearances, commercials, and many more! 

Yes – businesses and individuals can request specific NIL deals with athletes. Contact us at to get started.

While the NCAA does not allow NIL agreements to be predicated on a student-athlete’s continued enrollment at a university, our agreements are limited in time and scope to provide protection for contributor funds in situations where a student-athlete transfers.
No, the collective is not affiliated with the university in any way. It is a third party created to work with Bryant student-athletes.
Student-athletes cannot enter into deals that promote alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals, political advertising, pornography, gambling or betting, or other opportunities that go against Bryant University values. Additionally, there must be quid-pro-quo between the athlete and an individual or business. Tupper’s Kennel seeks to create a wide range of NIL opportunities for student-athletes that help them grow as young men and women, while also giving supporters an opportunity to interact with student-athletes in unique ways.

Tupper’s Kennel is not a 501c3 tax exempt entity. As such, contributions to Tupper’s Kennel are not tax deductible as a charitable donation.

A business may direct that payments for the NIL activations by the student athletes be used to promote the business and/or market the business’ products and services. To learn more, contact us at  Under these circumstances a business may be able to deduct these payments and/or payments for a membership to Tupper’s Kennel as a business expense. Of course, a business seeking a tax deduction for such payments should consult with it’s tax advisor prior to taking any such deduction.

Nothing in this communication is intended to constitute legal or tax advice.